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Born in Montbéliard, France, I gained experience writing music for motion picturesanimated TV series and TV commercials at Imaginex Studios, an international award winning audio post-production company based in East Asia.

Following these years living and working in Asia, I moved to Los Angeles to be a part of Hollywood Golden Globes nominee composer Christopher Young's new project: Tilden House,

During my time in L.A, I have been mentored by A-list Hollywood composers John Powell and Junkie XL.

Besides writing for live action movies, I'm well experienced in scoring Animation, starting my collaboration with director Wang YunFei's Yugo & Lala (aka Ava & Lala) back in 2012, followed by Yugo & Lala 2 in 2014 and Kwai Boo, Crazy space adventure in 2015. "Kwai Boo" marks the first time a Chinese animation project has received investment from a Hollywood giant, in this case 20th Century Fox.

I scored around 400 episodes of award-winning animated international TV series and their respective opening/closing titles, more than 30 international film trailers, a hundred TV commercials, short films etc. Recently,  I wrote the soundtrack of Cambodia's first million-dollar action movie The Prey.


I'm based in New Zealand since 2015 (I often travel to France where I have studio facilities as well).

Sebastien Pan

Scoring session

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