Sebastien Pan (born 9 July 1984) is an award-winning French composer, musician and artist best known for his work on motion picture and animated TV series.

Sebastien is a permanent resident of New Zealand since 2015.

Born in Montbéliard, France, Sébastien Pan gained experience writing music for motion picturesanimated TV series and TV commercials at Imaginex Studios, an international award winning audio post-production company based in Asia.

Following these years living and working in Asia, Sebastien moved to Los Angeles to be a part of Hollywood Golden Globes nominee composer Christopher Young's new project: Tilden House,

During his L.A time, Sebastien has also been mentored by A-list composers John Powell and Junkie XL.

Besides writing for live action movies, Sebastien is well experienced in scoring Animation, he started his collaboration with director Wang YunFei's Yugo & Lala (aka Ava & Lala) in 2012, followed by Yugo & Lala 2 in 2014 and Kwai Boo, Crazy space adventure in 2015. "Kwai Boo" marks the first time a Chinese animation project has received investment from a Hollywood giant, in this case 20th Century Fox.


Sebastien also scored more than 200 episodes of award-winning animated international TV series and their respectives opening/closing themes, Recently, he wrote the soundtrack of Cambodia's first million-dollar action movie The Prey.


He's based in New Zealand since 2015


Sebastien is also a self taught artist who started to sell his paintings back in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown.

His style is a mix of realistic and abstract art.

Please visit his Instagram and the "ART/PAINTINGS" section for more information (under construction, will be available soon)