Sebastien Pan is a film composer and musician born in Montbéliard, France in 1984. He graduated in 2004 from M.A.I (Music Academy International) in Nancy with a diploma of professional guitarist. Following his graduation, he taught guitar for few years and played on several bands. In the meantime, he started to compose orchestral scores for student filmmakers.


In 2011, he moved to Asia and gained expererience writing music for motion pictures, animated TV series, trailers and TV commercials in working as composer in-house at Imaginex Studios/Tripod Entertainment, one of the leading and famous awards winning international studios in the Asia-Pacific area.

Besides writing music for live action movies and TV series, Sebastien began his collaboration with the director Wang YunFei in scoring the Animation movie "Yugo & Lala" (aka Ava & Lala in the US) in 2012, followed by "Yugo & Lala 2" in 2014 and "Kwai Boo, Crazy space adventure" in 2015. "Kwai Boo" marks the first time a Chinese animation project has received investment from a Hollywood giant, in this case 20th Century Fox.


He also composed the music for more than 30 major brands TV commercials, and a soundtrack based on the French fantasy novel "Autre Monde - L'Alliance des Trois" written by Maxime Chattam